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I feel like I’m going through a difficult labour

Rumours of Dundee being 74% yes holy shit holy shit holy shit

EYYY, well!! If we are independent then we’ll need a lot more people, we’ll be a tiny country of 5 mil - and I for one really want to see more immigration. Regardless, have a good think about it. The choice to move is such a huge one and it’s all up to you!!!

Incredible turnout, 90% in Dundee, 86% in Edinburgh, etc etc. Ahhhhhh

EYYY I’m on my phone but to the person that asked, I voted yes!!!!

Polls are shut and counting has long begun. It’s midnight. It’s the 19th.

I feel like I’m going to be sick I’m so nervous and excited and u HH ughhhhhh

time to watch an episode of free….. cuz we’re gonna be free ahhahuhuh u h huh 

looking like its going to be an 80-90% turn out

hol y sh i  t

no results till 2AM, my area comes out at 3, and the final result will be at 6

ho L Ll lL LlLL y shIT

When we get a yes vote, I hope David Cameron gets a proper spanking from the Queen. I hope she beats the blue out of the British flag into his arse.

Umm to people congratulating me, I appreciate it but lthe results aren’t out yet!! I think I worded one of my posts badly ahaha :P

So I’ll take your congratulations and turn them into good luck and throw it up into the Great Well of Luck and Pray that it flows down in my favour, lmao

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