♥ Seymour ♥

~Pretty Girl~

Hello! I am Numbers. I'm not sure if you can guess, but this is a roleplay blog for Seymour Guado of Final Fantasy X.

I have gtalk & skype, if you wanna talk to me via IM - but otherwise feel free to ask me anything. I have relatively thick skin, so say whatever you desire - and please don't be shy about it!

I will roleplay and give anyone a chance! I apologise for slow replies in advance, and if it looks like I'm missing your thread, just submit me a link to it. C:

Just a warning, though. Seymour is a creepy bastard. If you don't like the way I am portraying him - tell me! I love critique when it is constructive and I am always looking to improve.

Member of Final Fantasy Nexus. My personal tumblr is Prayermachine.

Formerly mortibody.

Now kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

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